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Sema Başbağ
Şilan Çiçek
Nazlı Aybar Yalinkiliç


Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) is the world’s leading fiber crop, grown or processed in many countries, providing a major contribution to their economies. Yield is economically most important to a producer which drives cultivar development and adoption; however, fiber quality is the primary focus for spinning mills. This research was carried out in the experimental area of the Department of Field Crops, Faculty of Agriculture, Dicle University. In the study, 143 cotton breeding lines selected from advanced generations obtained from Sayar 314 X Beliizvor 432 crosses were used as material. In the research, genotypes; The limits of variation of properties such as fiber fineness, fiber uniformity, fiber strength, fiber length, fiber elasticity, and fiber spinning ability properties were examined and grouped statistically. According to the results obtained, lines showing superior performance in terms of fiber quality were determined. According to the results obtained in the study, genotypes were 5.82-3.23 micronaire in terms of fiber fineness, 30.38-22.28 mm in fiber length, 90.40-80.80 % in fiber uniformity, 6.80-5.10 % in fiber elasticity, 35.80-15.80 g/tex in fiber strength, 179.00-107.00 in fiber spinning ability varied between the values.


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