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Metodija Trajchev
Dimitar Micev
Srekkjo Gjorgievski
Marija Glavas Dodov


A study was conducted to determine the effect of dietary natural humic acids as feed supplements in the diet on a sow’s reproductive performance. During the survey, there were followed 26 pregnant and later farrowed sows together with their litters, divided into two groups, 12 of them belonged to the control group and 14 to the test group. In the test group, one month before the expected farrowing of sows (late gestation) to weaning, a commercial feed supplement from dietary humic acids was given. The prevalence of TPWL in the CG was 22.62%, while in the TG it was 17.19%. The prevalence of PWM was 8.45% in the CG, while in the TG it was 3.65%, but without a statistically significant difference. Depending on the sow’s dietary treatment, there did not find a statistically significant influence on reproductive performances between the groups. A balanced sow’s diet in the most sensitive period from farrowing to weaning is of great importance for obtaining improved reproductive performances in sows.


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