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Ile Canev


This paper includes the exploitation characteristics of line machines for removing sorou cherry seeds, produced in different plants near Argulica village, the Karbinci municipality. The analysis were made on the sour cherry in which more dominant was the so called „oblacinska“, collected in at least 50 localities altogether, mainly in climate conditions of eastern part of N. Macedonia, in which there were cases where the crops were irrigated with water, but also cases where crops were not irrigated. The orchards with irrigation the yield is 15-20 t/ha, whereas the orchards without irrigation 8-10 t/ha. Diseases comes mostly from monilinia spp, blumerella jappi and stigmina carpophila. Besides the root borer, the economic damage is caused by the cherry fly. The fruits were collected from crops with altitude of 200 to 800 meters, from different climates. There were measured and tested the exploitation characteristics of the lines machines for sour cherry processing and finishing installed in factory in village Argulica and that: machines for manipulation presented with first stand, first tube with all components (barboter), slanting elevator, laundry control, control tape, calibrator, knock-seed and further packaging machine. Working conditions were quite optimal, while the workers involved were seasonal.


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