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Sandeva Atanasova Nadica
Jankulovska Mirjana
Jankuloski Ljupcho
Ivanovska Sonja
Bosev Dane


The main goal of this study was to characterize glutenin subunits with high molecular weight (HMW-GS) in Macedonian wheat genotypes by using DNA markers and to analyse the polymorphism of the Glu-A1 and Glu-D1 loci, influencing wheat bread-making quality. Polymorphysm and allelic variations in the Glu-A1 loci were determined through characterization of Ax-null, Ax1 and Ax2* alleles, and in Glu-D1 loci through characterization of Dx2+Dy12 and Dx5+Dy10 alleles. Ax null, that has a negative influence on bread-making quality, was detected in 77.66% of the genotypes. The allelic pair Dx5+Dy10 was present in 68.09% of the genotypes. Only 8.51% of the analysed genotypes had the allele Ax1. According to the identified alleles in the Glu A1 and Glu D1 loci, the genotypes were grouped in two main clusters, 64 in the first and 30 genotypes in the second cluster. Both clusters consisted of three subclusters, comprising different number of genotypes. The most of the genotypes belonged to the subgroups 1a (presence of Dx5+Dy10) and 2a (presence of Dx2+Dy12). Genotypes in the 2a subgroup had Ах-null in Glu-A1 locus and Dx2+Dy12 in Glu-D1 locus, negatively influencing the wheat bread-making quality. These genotypes are not recommended to be used in a breeding program for improving wheat bread-making quality. Genotypes from the subgroups 1b and 1c possessed the alleles Аx2* and Ax1 in Glu-A1 locus and Dx5+Dy10 in Glu-D1 locus, indicating good bread-making quality. The superior breeding lines with improved quality, good agronomic characteristics and high yield have to be evaluated for their adaptability and stability. The lines with a complex of positive characteristics may be submitted for registration of new varieties. Further investigations of the material are needed for the other loci influencing the wheat bread-making quality.


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