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Georgi Georgiev
Nina Nenova
Penka Peevska
Galin Georgiev


The investigation was carried out during 2013 – 2016 at Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute – General Toshevo, Bulgaria. The traits number of seeds per plant and 1000 kernel weight are of primary importance; they influence the increase of yield. This investigation included 8 hybrid combinations and the parental forms involved in the crosses. The additive-dominant relations of the traits were analyzed through the ratio between the parameters d/a. In crosses 217А x 88R, 813A x 97R, 813A x 100R, and 2003A x 98R, super dominance according to the parental forms was observed. Higher number of seeds per plant and 1000 kernel weight were obtained in these hybrid combinations in comparison to the parental forms. Incomplete dominance of these traits was found in combinations 217 x RW666 and 217 x 138R.


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