THE RIGHT OF LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVE (Comparative Analysis of Macedonian and Swiss Model of Normative Solutions)

  • Jelena Trajkovska Hristovska
Keywords: Parliament, Legislative Initiative, Parliamentary Initiative, Authorized Proposers, Proposal, Bill, consultation procedure, co-reporting phase, Motion/Postulate, Right to Petition.


Legislation is a special state activity which, based on the constitution, establishes the foundations
of social and state organization and the legal system. The paper will elaborate the issue of
legislative initiative as a constitutionally guaranteed right to propose laws. Namely, the
procedure for enacting laws is realized through several separate stages, and it starts with the
legislative initiative. If we take into account the fact that "to propose a law means to rule", it will
not be difficult to conclude that the legislative initiative represents more than just an initial phase
of the legislative procedure and much more than just a technical issue. A special review in the
paper will be the analysis of the legislative initiative in the Macedonian and Swiss model of
legislative procedure. They are subject to elaboration, considering the broad nature of the right to
legislative initiative. The paper will examine the thesis whether the number of entities that have
the right to legislative initiative is an indicator of the degree of involvement of citizens in the
process of passing laws.


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