Приказ на монографијата Социолингвистика - македонски јазик: јазично планирање и јавната комуникација од Александра Ѓуркова


Татјана Гочкова-Стојановска


In her groundbreaking monograph “Sociolinguistics: Macedonian language – language planning and public communication” Dr. Aleksandra Gjurkova offers a comprehensive and insightful analysis of the intricate relationships between the Macedonian language and society. A notable aspect of this work is the focus on the development of sociolinguistics as a scientific and applied discipline, as well as on the current trends in sociolinguistic research. The book addresses three contemporary issues within the frames of three chapters: Chapter 1 – Approach to Sociolinguistics, Chapter 2 – Language and Society, and Chapter 3 – Sociolinguistics of Macedonian. The examination of these relevant topics includes suggestions for project research, with the aim to inspire further sociolinguistic studies of Macedonian language.
In conclusion, Sociolinguistics: Macedonian language – language planning and public communication stands as a commendable contribution to the field. Dr. Aleksandra Gjurkova’s clear exposition and thoughtful analysis make this monograph an invaluable resource for scholars, students, and anyone interested in the complex interplay between language and society.


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