Преведувачкиот подвиг на Драги Михајловски: преводот како уметност


Рајна Kошка-Хот


This article is inspired by the event organized on the occasion of celebrating the life and work of our prominent university teacher, author and translator Dragi Mihajlovski. The author of the article has already written on Dragi Mihajovski as a translator and therefore certain segments from the previously published article are incorporated in this text as well. It focuses on Dragi Mihajlovski as a translator and, more specifically, as the translator of all of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets into Macedonian, an extraordinary achievement in terms of its scope and as a linguistic challenge. Its objective is to discuss the indelible mark that Mihajlovski’s endeavors in the field of translation and translation theory have left on our cultural, literary and linguistic context, simultaneously examining the process of translation as a re-writing and re-creating of the original. The article looks at the process of translation and its various aspects and stages through the lens of the methods required to reach the point where the translation becomes a work of art in and of itself, something that modern translation theories recognize as the ultimate goal of every literary translation. In this context, it is evident that Dragi Mihajlovski’s exceptional achievements in the field of translation can rightfully be defined as art.


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Чествување на ликот и делото на проф. д-р Драги Михајловски (1951-2022)