Philological Studies Vol.13 No.2 2015

Dear Readers,

For the first time this year, the journal Philological Studies is prepared and published by the Institute of literature and art of Belgrade, Serbia. The good practice of regional and international cooperation continues, since the humanities, by definition, suggest broader perspectives and interdisciplinarity. This edition of the journal is published in two issues with the same sections as in the last volumes.
We would like to thank the collaborators from Russia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Ukraine and Serbia for their contributions, which elucidate the phenomena of traditional and contemporary culture, through different methodological approaches. Moreover, we would like to thank the authors of the presentations, individual books, collections and conferences, because this kind of academic engagement is necessary in order to disseminate the latest scientific research to the general public.

Published: 2015-11-01

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